How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Your Business

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How can a virtual assistant help you with your businessSometimes, an entrepreneur needs an extra pair of hands. Because life and work can be so busy and demanding. This is where the role of a virtual assistant steps in. 

Working remotely, a virtual assistant provides a handful of services to their clientsTheir services could range from data entry to internet research to social media management

Other marketing managers also hire and train VAs to help them with their tasks. Some fields that a VAs work in are in e-commerce, real estate VA, medicine and in marketing

Types of Virtual Assistant

1. E-Commerce Virtual Assistant

An e-commerce VA usually helps a business owner manage their store, such as their store in ShopifyThey handle the orders, take notes of the tracking number, do customer service. Also, take care of the returns, shipping product research and product listing. 

Usually, in this job, your boss would require you to work at a particular time.If you want to become an E-commerce VA. You can start learning about Shopify, Oberlo, and Alibaba. Additionally, Ali Express Made in China dot com and drop shipping.

2. Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A real estate VA usually is an appointment setter. They call leads, and they set an appointment with their bosses. Some of the requirements for this job is you English must be fluent, and you have a quiet background. You should also have a durable, noise canceling headset.

3. Medicine Virtual Assistant

An example of virtual assistant in the medical field is medical scribes. Medical scribe does the charting for doctors. A medical scribe is hired so that the physician can focus more on the patient rather than taking notes.

Also, a medical scriber must be familiar with the parts of the medical chart. Such as other medical terminologies. If you have a medical background, you can be qualified in this.

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4. Marketing Virtual Assistant

In marketing, a virtual assistant is assigned to help out with tasks. Such as ads, getting leads, SEO, basic web design and blog writing.

If you are interested, you can start taking online courses in UdemyJust get the ones with the high ratings.

Getting Ready to be Virtual Assistant

So, are you still interested in learning about being a virtual assistant? 

Let’s dive in further!

1. How much does a VA earn?

A virtual assistant’s earnings range from 5$/hr -15$/hr. This could depend on how much experience they have. 5$ per hour is decent pay for a start. As they gather more knowledge and skill for their portfolio, they could ask for a higher rate.

2. How Do I Start Being a Virtual Assistant?

You can sign up to websites such as,, and Fiverr. Fill up a profile and set your rate.

Put a professional photo and write a good profile summary or overview. Choose skills that you would want to offer and start sending cover letters to your prospects.

3. How Are Va's Being Paid?

Most VA's are paid through PayPal. Although clients could pay you directly on your bank account. PayPal is safer because you don’t need to give your account number, just the email address.

To avoid getting scammed, take note that for example in Guru. Before working, a client must fill the safe pay amount. So you can be assured that the work is funded.

It depends on what kind of freelancing platform are you using. So it is wise to know how things work on the website before you proceed with the job.

4. How Will I Know If a Job Is a Scam?

Not all jobs are legit. And you have to use your common sense and judgment in discerning if a job is valid.

If the job would pay you a ridiculously large amount of money, for an easy task, that could be a scam. If a job is asking for payment prior to starting the work, that could be a scam.

Don’t give your passport scan, ids, or any documents to people you don’t know.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

A laptop or a desktop, preferably with an extra one (you don’t know if your when or if your computer with a crash.

So it’s better to have a backup) a reliable internet, an extra internet stick, headset (sometimes).

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Do I Need to Register My Business?

The answer is yes, the amount that you would pay will depend on your earnings.

One of the advantages of being registered is you could show this as a document to embassies when you travel.

What some of the qualities that I need to have?

Right attitude, honest, persistent. Also, someone who is accountable are the traits of a good virtual assistant.

Like in any other job, employers are looking for someone. whom they can trust and someone who they can be partners with their business.

Can I Have More Than One Client?

Absolutely! For as long as you are working freelance and you can do the job properly. Then you can choose and accept responsibilities and earn as much as you want. What is your best advice for those who are starting?

Send cover letters consistently. make it specifically tailored to your client and don’t copy paste. Know that nothing comes easy, persist and you will be rewarded!

person with the client

Being a VA is usually a stepping stone to another greater endeavor. As you work with different kinds of clients and gain more and diverse experience. You would eventually pick a niche where you would want to specialize.

And later, when you are honed, you would become an expert.

Good luck!

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