virtual assistant

How Virtual Assistant Can Help You Improve Your Business


Sometimes, an entrepreneur needs an extra pair of hands. Because life and work can be so busy and demanding. This is where the role of a virtual assistant steps in.  Working remotely, a virtual assistant provides a handful of services to their clients. Their services could range from data entry to internet research to social media management.  Other […]

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Disadvantages Working Freelance Home organized desk oof a freelancer

Disadvantages of Working Freelance from Home


While there are some advantages of working freelance from home, I would like to mention some of its disadvantages.Some say that freelancing is not for the faint of heart. Irregular income, loneliness and the lack of benefits are just some of the reasons why others leave and go back to their jobs. Here are some of […]

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Advantages Working Freelance Home typing on macpro laptop

Advantages of Working Freelance from Home


Many of us are employed, working in our jobs and minding our business when the thought of working from home struck our mind. What if I could avoid traffic, spend more time with my family, earn in Dollars, utilize all of the skills that I have and get paid even more? Here are some examples of the […]

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